Disrupting energy networks through digitalization


Corinex’ complete solution for digitalizing electric grids enables high-speed communication over power lines, computing at the edge of the grid, and high levels of security. Corinex provides the software and the products to enable monitoring and management of the grid, AI-based prediction and optimization, and real-time information for producers and consumers of power. The IP-based protocols provide a platform for applications developed by Corinex and by utilities or providers of grid analytics.

IDC Report Key Points

  • Power grids are changing. The move to electric vehicles (electrification), and installation of prosumer renewables (decentralization) require far more energy data to ensure reliability of the grid.

  • Smartgrid communication is in transition from narrow to broadband communication.

  • The industry is at an inflection point in the adoption of BPL technology.
  • So far, all utilities which have used BPL in mass roll-outs use the same product vendor… Corinex.